Online Fundraising


5 MAY 2019

8.00:  Registration open

Waiver - all participants will be required to sign a waiver before commencement of the event when they register.

Maps - all participants will be issued with maps.  Feel free to make your own maps as well.


Duder Map



8.45am: Briefing from Event team

8.50am: Briefing from Ranger

9.00am: Race Begins


9.30am: Briefing from Event team

9:40am: Briefing from Ranger

9.45am: Race Begins

Event Packs will be issued at the finish line.

Hot milo and some refreshments are available at the finish line.

12.00: Awards ceremony commences.

You must be present to win

12.30: event is concluded


DUDER REGIONAL PARK - 933 North Road, Clevedon


Enter 933 North Road, Clevedon into your chosen navigational system or CLICK HERE to download a map prior to your journey


Parking spaces are limited and we strongly recommend that you carpool. 

EVENT BASE: 933 North Road, Clevedon

Parking spaces are limited.  Park responsibly to ensure that all access and egress for residents, business and emergency vehicles are available at all times; that the public is not unduly inconvenienced; and that public and private access ways are kept clear at all times.


Park Ranger: 086 899 356

Steven Ryan, Event Manager: 027 578 2277


Be aware that the track will be heavy in places, slippery and exposed to the elements, take all precautions. Please give way to others walking at a faster pace and other track users. The trail can get congested, be aware of other users.

There are two major checkpoints that will have water, first aid & communications available. Everyone should carry a mobile phone, with full battery power to last the event and store the above emergency numbers on your phone.

Participants are encouraged to carry a first aid kit suitable for the event. Prescription medication and pain medication will be your own responsibility. These cannot be issued by First Aid.

Be prepared for all weather conditions. Assistance will be available to extract people from the track to the nearest extraction points if needed.

Each participant must carry water with them during the event.

If you are supported by a support crew outside of the designated checkpoints, you will be disqualified unless permission has been given by event organisers for emergency reasons or extractions.  

Exposed sections of the trail can get cold and it is strongly recommended that participants carry and wear appropriate clothing for such conditions.

Public carparks and roads are not closed. Please be aware of cars.




1. Do not drop litter. Please respect the park and carry your rubbish to the next checkpoint. 

2. Any participant found to be contravening any park regulations may lead to the team disqualification from the event.

3. Kauri Dieback - Kauri trees are found amongst other native trees throughout the Upper North Island. But kauri dieback is threatening kauri with extinction. There is no cure for kauri dieback, it can be spread by just a pinhead of soil, and you can't tell by looking whether a tree is infected or not. But kauri will be saved by people like you.

In general, you should always:
1: Clean all soil off your footwear and other gear, every time you enter or leave a forest/area with native trees, and at every cleaning station.
2: Use disinfectant only after you have removed all the soil.

Stay on track and off kauri roots. A kauri's roots can grow outwards 3x as far as its branches.

Infected trees may not show it; never assume anywhere is free of kauri dieback. If you're in native bush and you're in the upper North Island, it's likely you'll be near kauri.


Download Kauri Dieback FAQ & Mythbusters

Download How I Can Help Save Kauri


Cancellation - as a condition of the Health and Safety and Auckland Councils Liability insurance, the Park Ranger reserves the right to cancel the event 24 hours before the event day.

Postponement - in the event of a cancellation the event will be postponed. Participants will be notified post-event, date of the postponed date.

Early shutdown - if the event is stopped after commencement, there will be no postponement date.

Refund - Thank you for your fees and donations.  These will not be refunded in the event of a cancellation or early shutdown of the event as directed by or in consultation with the Park Ranger for any reasons including Health and Safety of the participants, or the withdrawal of a participant/s.

Alcohol and Smoke free event - as agreed with Auckland Council.

No trading is permitted.

Amplified music is discouraged. If needed, it should not unduly disturb neighbours to parkland or other park visitors. The Park Ranger has the authority to reduce any excessive sound levels.

The park is open to other users - please respect them and give them time and space to pass.

  1. All participants must be aged 18 or above unless approved by the organiser.
  2. All participants must check the appropriate Acknowledgement, Waiver and Release Form during the registration process on the day (unless completed through online registration).
  3. All participants must sign out of the event at the finish chute. This is for the safety of all participants.
  4. Depending on your assessment of the situation, in the event of an injury or emergency, the following procedures are recommended;
    a) Contact the Command Centre on the emergency phone number given to you at the briefing and inform them of the situation. This will be a dedicated phone for emergencies only. Proceed as directed.
    b) Depending on the situation make your way to the nearest checkpoint, which will have first aid and communication available.
    c) Call the Park Ranger and proceed as directed by the Park Ranger
    d) Ring 111 and follow the emergency call procedures as directed by the operator. Your map will give you details of your exact location.
  5.  In the event that you do not have cell phone coverage and you come across an incident, please follow the procedures below:
    1. Stop.  Do not place yourself in danger.
    2. Try and communicate with the person.
    3. Assist with basic 1st aid if you are able and can do so safely.
    4. Send the next participant through to notify the next event marshal of the situation and location of the incident.
    5. Stop the next participant and request assistance if required.
  6. If for any reason you have to leave the event urgently, you must call the emergency number as soon as possible. In order to withdraw, the participant must complete a withdrawal certificate at the Check Points.
  7. If for any reason a participant decides to stay between two Check Points for more than 2 hours, they must call the emergency phone number to inform the organiser. Otherwise, they will be considered missing and a search will be initiated.
  8. Identification bibs must be worn at all times during the event.
  9. If in the opinion of medical personnel, a participant is unable to continue for medical reasons, then the organisers reserve the right to withdraw them from the event.